Mike is an ISFJ, Enneatype 6 with a strong 5 wing, Golden-Beaver (S & C in DISC), Strength Finders Top Five: Restorative, Ideation, Deliberative, Connectedness, Belief,  Intellection, Responsibility and Empathy. (He’s kind of into personality assessments if you couldn’t tell)

He was assigned a serial number (ie. a Student ID) and put on the assembly line of education at The University of Minnesota College of Design. He distained school so much he “stole an Architecture degree” as quick as he could by taking extra credit hours to graduate early and “get outta that joint.”

Finding his Architecture degree absolutely worthless for actually landing a job he worked in general Labor, Security, and truck delivery.

Frequently finding himself board of education, he took a 3-year apprenticeship-internship at the Leadership Development Institute in Minneapolis where he became a huge fan of the apprenticeship model of learning. He was pretty sure he was going to plant churches, do mission work or rebuild houses & Schools in 3rd world counties. Instead, he fell in love with the Reformation Doctrine of Vocation and figured if Carpentry was a good enough seminary for Jesus, it was good enough for him. So he got a job as a Remodeling Carpenter for a Remodeler.

It was a ton of fun but it didn’t satisfy his desire for craftsmanship, making art or scratch the Building Science Nerd & Entrepreneurial itch.

Mike and his wife put down roots in the Twin Cities and bought a few houses to remodel so he could tinker with ideas and construction assembly methods. “The world is my classroom and my house is my R&D lab” [research & development lab] as he likes to say.


Favorite Song to “Sling Nails” (aka, frame) to?

So one Lead Carpenter says to another “You know what I’ve never seen; someone headbanging to the bagpipes. There just no such thing as framing to bagpipes “

Other Lead looks at jobsite radio “Hold my beer and watch this.” Turns on The SIDH. An epicly productive stint of framing ensues.

What’s your spirit wood?

Black Walnut hands down. Black Walnut makes me drool. I have secret ambitions to buy 180 acres and plant my own black walnut forest so when I’m 78 years old I can make some cool stuff.

Although I’m also very fond of sexy poplar.

Favorite Trade?

Dang, really? That’s nearly as bad as asking me to choose a favorite kid. I’d have to say Framing/ Rough Carpentry, Rough-in Electrical, Videography.

Toilet paper debate. Which way does our toilet paper hang, over or under?

To the left.

Do you have any strange phobias?

Yes, of course. I’m an enneatype 6.

If a zombie epidemic broke out and you’re on job site what is your weapon of choice?

Paslode Framing Nailer. Disable the safety and fire away. And dual wielding framing hammers for close combat. Although I think one could be pretty effective with a 6 ft level Darth Maul style. 

Does your current car have a name? What is it?

Chuck. Chuck the Truck.

Favorite Drink?

Milk. Tallboy. Ice cold. 2%.

What is guaranteed to make you laugh?

I’m a sucker for a good Chuck Norris Meme.

What’s something embarrassing that few people know about you?

I think it took me until like 3rd grade to know how to spell my own last name.

What’s one of your favorite family traditions?

Growing up, it was splitting firewood together on Christmas day. I loved doing that with my family.

Would you rather be the smartest or the funniest person in the room?

The wisest. 

Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Circ saw.